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Monday, 30 June 2014

Reviewing my Blog and the Scrapbooking Community

Hi All, after my last blog where I explained I was having issues with my blog, I think I now have solved the problem, and this lead me to review the content of my blog. As I mentioned in the previous post, their was a lot of early content on my blog that covered, what seems now, and whole other life. I have made the decision to archive these post, I want them to be around so I can look back on my early style of scrapbooking, but maybe not have the content so public. I have the same issues with the physical scrapbooks from this year period too, I have kept these, as they are part of my story, but they are not kept in easy access. I have provided a link where my 2009-2011 blog post will be archived, this is on the last post of this blog. I have also been thinking of getting my butt in gear and dedicating some time each week for scheduling some blog post, I am find the medium of video easy to record and share my ideas, but it is much more difficult to refer back to. I am not sure how many of my reader used Two Peas In A Bucket to buy products or to take part in the classes and community over their, but with the news of it closing being announced last week, I have seen a lot of people reflecting on how they engage with the scrapbooking community. I did not participate greatly on the forums, but I used the galleries and the classes as a great source of inspiration. I suppose that Pintrest has taken over this slightly, but I will miss the classes I took part in. Luckily I was tech savvy enough to be able to save the content and the videos before they are deleted. I am looking forward to taking a couple of classes over at Big Picture Classes in the coming months, I really hope they pick up some of the teacher from Two Peas. I am lucky to have both a local community that I engage in, but also one online and one on YouTube, or course their will always be cross overs in these communities. But I have realised that it is important to become an active member whatever community it is that you engage in. Of course their is always going to be clashes and negativity, as with most things in life, but I feel very lucky to be in the position I am in. Saying all that I know I am not going to set myself un-realistic aims, but I hope to do a monthly review post each month of the LO's that I have created, and also then share some other parts of my life on here too. So I want to thank you all for sticking around with my sporadic blogging and I want to build on the community that I already have established and share more of this wonderful hobby with you lovely people. Thanks for Looking X


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