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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Blogging Issues

Hi everyone, I want to apologies for the break in blogging, I have had issues uploading post to here, I think I am getting their with sorting it. It seems to be storage size issues, so I am looking at deleting some of my very first post, they are from a old life as well, so it will be good to have a clear out. I want to let you all know I am still over at my Youtube channel and I am post often over their, and I am loving the community and all the lovely friends I am making. https://www.youtube.com/user/kittyscrapper I am also posting photos of my recent LOs over on my Pintrest boards, I am really getting back in to pinning lots of bits and pieces, if this is new to you go check it out, its addictive. http://www.pinterest.com/kittyscrapper/ I hope I can resume to my semi regular posting back on here soon. Thanks for looking X


  1. Love the LO the layering and colours are great.

  2. Love the layout. Watched your u tube video, love the hair and it's a great challenge. Hope you have a great birthday

  3. That is a really gorgeous layout x

  4. Hi Kitty - I love watching your process videos over on YouTube and just recently discovered your blog. Glad to hear you'll be back to blogging soon! Technology can be a real pains sometimes can't it? :)

  5. Love Love Love it girl!!! I did not even realize u had a blog girl!!!! Its absolutely awesome!!! Cheers! xx ~Dani


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