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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Evolution of my Craft Space

I have recently just finished my big clear out of my craft stash and space and now everything is much more organised. I am also hoping it will encourage me to use some of my tools more as well as what is remaining of my paper stash.


As many of you know I live in a static caravan for most of the year and to be honest my crafting stuff has taken over the living room part of my caravan. In a bid however to be able to have others in the space I had a reorganisation and made use of the storage I had on wheels so I could move it if I needed too.

My crafty corner bench seat, this is the corner of my living room. I have added a draw unit behind me to store less used items.
The storage on wheels in front of my craft desk. My blue ikea cart is always pulled out and beside me when I am crafting.
This is part of the built in storage of the caravan which perfectly holds 12x12 albums. That is my bike and freezer in front of it. Their is a door to the right so it's easy for me to get my bike out.
This is the view from my craft desk. I do have a TV in the corner but have not bothered to hook this up as I find I watch most of my tv online these days so I have room for my laptop or iPad on my craft desk to entertain me whilst I craft.

I am happy with how it looks now and I hope to be able to spend many happy hours in this newly organised space. Now I just need to keep it tidy!


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  1. I love your Ikea wheeled storage, wouldn't mind one myself!

  2. Wow you have so much stuff and it's amazing how you have it all organised x


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