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Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year- Changing it up.

Happy New Year Everyone – bit late on the bandwagon I know!

I have seen lots of posts which are reviews of the year and favourite projects etc.  I looked back at doing this and realised how much my style has changed in one year. I thought I would do a quick post about that.


January 2012.


March 2012.


May 2012

iphone july 12 051

August 2012

dec 12 058

December 2012

As you can see I have embraced the whitespace on my LO’s.  I have also used stamps a lot more on my LO’s,  I think this is mainly to do with my monthly subscription to Studio Calico which has definitely changed the way I scrap.  I also think the fact that I use online galleries as my inspiration too is a key, I can not remember the last time I brought a magazine.

I am going to be jumping on the Project Life(PL) bandwagon to document my daily photography I am then going to use 12x12 LO’s mainly for my travel albums as well as some divider pages.  I am sure I will still put some 12x12 LO’s in my yearly album, and have a few to finish off from last year, but it will not be my focus for the day to day stuff.

Of course I am still going to keep up with the SC monthly kit and have signed up for the PL one too.  It will be interesting to see if I keep PL up and how my style develops further.  I am sure I will get better at updating this blog and would love for you to come back and see what I am up to.

Happy Crafting and Thanks for Looking



  1. I love Good Times it's fab. I love white space on LOs as well.

  2. Happy New Year to you too :) A definite change in in styles but all of your layouts are great. I've just signed up to SC and I'm thinking of doing my own sort of PL album so I'll look forward to seeing how yours progresses.

  3. love the post! i think you also embraced the smaller photo size and all the options it gives you. lovely pages nan! (totally pinning a few of these :)


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