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Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Crafty Saturday at Birds in the Barn


iphone sept 242

So it was a couple of months ago that Janet mentioned at the Bramford crop about some up and coming classes at Bird in the Barn ran by Hels Sheridan.  I was up for it despite not really being in to altered art, but any excuse for a day of crafting is good by me.

So this morning I set off early and met Janet in Ipswich before making our way down the A12 for a day of crafting fun.  We were not sure what we were going to do but were both looking forward to the challenge.  We arrived early, but this gave us a chance to look around the gardening centre and have a coffee before we started.  First stop was to see the Koi Carp that were a talking point, and they were huge and expensive!!

iphone sept 217

Next we wandered over to the shop and looked around while we waited for the classroom to open and to start playing.  It was a bit dangerous wandering around the shop as there were lots of lovely things to look at, luckily the class started and I was only mentally bankrupt.

We started the class by learning what we were doing.  Hel Sheridan had  got an altered canvas project for us to work on, which meant lots of layers, paint and flowers.  It was great fun and the time flew by. 

iphone sept 219

This is my first layer of paper and masking tape.

iphone sept 224

This is with the first coat of paint.

We broken for a lunch break and many of us went to sit out in the sun near the lovely pond, there were loads of dragonflies buzzing around.

iphone sept 223

After lunch we cracked on with experimenting with stencils and paints and embossing powders.  I had such fun as being a scrapbooker mainly I do not play with these things.  It brought back great memories of the 4 years I spent at art college painting everyday and experimenting.  The afternoon was  broken up with a lovely piece of cake before we got to the finial stage of embellishment.

I must admit I was not really sure about adding all the flowers and fuss as that really is not my style but after digging through Hels huge box of flowers I found some that I loved and set about adding them to my canvas.

iphone sept 225

Here is the end result, nothing like I imagined first thing at all, but something I am very proud of indeed.  I brought a few bits in the shop, including a couple of stencils/masks which I am looking forward to using.  It was great at the end to look at what the other 11 ladies had achieved and how  different they  all were.

iphone sept 253

When I got home I must admit I was keen to keep playing,  I dug out some old supplies I had from college and set about playing with the next Bramford Challenge piece.  I am not sure how it will end up but by the end of the evening my desk was looking a happy place indeed.

iphone sept 255

I have hung the canvas in my hall way  and am very happy with how it looks and look forward to experimenting more with the techniques I learned today.  So thanks to Janet for organising the class for me, it was great.

Thanks for looking.


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  1. Hi Nancy
    It was a fabulous day out,we must do it again next time Hel's is down our way
    Janet x


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