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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blog Post number 200!!–April Review


Well I have made it to 200 blog posts on my little old blog, I started it to document my crafty adventures, and have found so many great friends along the way. So a big thanks to all my followers, and people who take time to comment.

So April has been a funny old month, what with Easter, the madness of work, the weather and my holiday to Barcelona.  It was however a bittersweet end to the month as my Grandma passed away on the 26th April, 2 days before I was to fly out for my holiday.  My family wanted me to still go, but I did feel a bit guilty about going, but it really was the break from the everyday that I needed.

photo (13)april may 103

Here is a photo of my lovely Grandma, when she was a young lady, and one from this Christmas 2011.  I have been going through old family photos and there are so many happy times, that are easily forgotten in the day to day.  She will be missed, it is the end of a generation.  I am planning on scrapping some of these earlier photos in the future.

So as I mentioned I went off to Barcelona for a week, it was lovely 23 degrees most days and lay-ins and sightseeing.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I have 400 photos to get printed to go with the edited down (for the 3rd time) 834 America photos.  I will be putting my order in with Photobox this week, so  lots of scrapping ahead, I brought the photo credit up a few months ago when they had a sale, so I am excited to see them arrive, and start using my new stash.

Barcelona April May 300april may 275IMG_2268

So as I have promised to myself, here is my 365 for April up on the blog, I plan on scrapping this and getting it in my album this week.


So this week will be getting back to routine, after the funeral tomorrow and then tackling what has happened at work in the last 2 weeks I have been away!!

Thanks for looking and here is to another 200 posts.



  1. Hi Nancy, so sorry to hear about your Gran, hope all goes well tomorrow with the funeral.
    Looking forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Nancy so sorry to hear about your Grandma....hugz....glad to hear that you and the man had a good break away - hope to see you soon xx


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