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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Barcelona Day Book

april may 302

Whilst I was away on Holiday I took one of Amy Tangerine’s Day Books (American Crafts) to collect together bits and bobs from the trip away.  I also took some washi tape, a Smash pen and my PoGo photo printer.  It was nice at the end of each day to collect together the tickets and memories and document them in the book.  I even got the man to write a couple of entries.

Here is a variety of shots of the book, I am going to use the bits of journaling in it for when I am tackling scrapbooking the photos.

april may 294

april may 295april may 296

I am definitely thinking of picking a couple more of these Day Books up for more trips and occasions.

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  1. what a great idea...one way to make sure you remember what you do everyday...hope that you're ok xx

  2. this totally fab - love the books where did you get it from? Can't wait to see it, could you bring it along for me to see at the next crop


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