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Friday, 9 March 2012

My Crafting Space

As I am now back in the caravan, my home for 10.5 months a year, I had to move my craft bits back in which had doubles if not tripled in quantity  in the 1.5 months I was out. This was part of my decision to get  using up my stash, I am then going to have a huge clear out and donate to a couple of friend who are crafters.

iphobe march 018

I have the corner of my  front room set up with a bench seat and a table, so I can craft and watch TV or movies and loose myself in the hours after work, unfortunately it looked like this on Monday so I was not able to craft much till I had sorted it out.  I still had a lot of Christmas stuff that needed to be put away somewhere for next year and homes to find for my many pizza boxes of new stuff.

iphobe march 022

I decided I would create a LO about my new scrapping space in the caravan, and of course I had to go with my Royal Britannia theme. I had a few bits of the Papermania Portobello Road collection so put that to use.  I was reading a lot of one of the forums I visited the other day about the use of themed supplies, I must say every so often in my LO I love a themed page, but I do feel it would get a bit boring if my whole album looked like it.

iphobe march 024

I am really happy with how this turned out and I really loved the photos my friend Laura took of me scrapping back in October/November and I am glad they are now scrapped.

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  1. Great LO! Love the colours both in the caravan and the LO! Catch up soon

  2. Nancy this is great! really loving all the themed elements - I agree with you tho' about a whole album of the same themed pages.

    Ummmm you know that craft area - well, mine looks like that ALL the time!! rofl do you want to come and tidy it up for me?? perhaps not, I might not be able to find anything if it was all put away!!

    See you soon xx


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